New Direction for this site


I have been praying, and talking with my wife on how to better use my Talents that he has given me to better serve him. A vision was given to me on how to take www.biblerama.com into a new direction.

With that said, I will no longer use this blog or the domain name www.biblerama.com as a place to post my Spirtual Journey through life. Instead I will be launching soon using this blog, and also the domain name: biblerama.com a Christian Software Company that focuses on Educational Game / Fun Games that center 100% around the Bible.

I will for the sake of the time and effort that has been put into posting over the past now 3 Years, keep my old post in a nice safe place for those that still find them useful. So this blog will get a face lift, and be focused on message and information geared towards and around the New Biblerama.com site. Also www.biblerama.com will point to a home page, in which biblerama.blogspot.com will be the offical blog for the site.

Again I will keep my old post around for review, etc. as I still find people searching and hitting these post from time to time.

Well any prayers in this matter would be much thankful for! I need all the prayers I can get! I also want to give thanks to the Almighty Heavenly Father for giving me the abilities he has given me. Without him and Christ I would be nothing, and therefore give all credit and glory to him!



Heavenly Father have mercy on us all

Heavenly Father...

I am a sinner, and someone who wants to spread your love and spend time in service to you.

Please God, in Christ name for me a sinner. Please guide me, as things are happening that will soon take place. Chips, National ID cards, and the Atlantic Ice Bergs are melting.

I believe we are in the final count down and I pray for strength to be good and do good. In Christ's name I beg for forgiveness, and I ask for your help for all of us. Please guide your children to you and to your love.




State of the Union

Recently I have been posting a lot about politics, the U.S. Govt. etc. I do this becuase I truly believe it has a lot to do with the times at hand, that apply heavily to our spirtual lifes.

I recall many times in church wishing that the Preacher at hand would stop talking about the Current Republican push the Preacher would be pushing. I do, through this blog, have a little better understanding of what the purpose was. Those preachers believed they were talking about something that weighed heavy on the spirtual lifes of the people they were preaching to.

I believe this, with the Verichip talks, the ware talks, and the talks about how you DO NOT HAVE to be a Christian and Republican. I say that with such great thought, and pursuit of honesty. Currently I am hearing President Bush give the State of the Union address. I hear him talk about the war, and then about how "we will fight for peace?"

I am sorry, but I agree 100% with Dr. Martin Luther King. The ONLY true way to make a difference, to make a difference for peace and prosperity is through PEACE itself. WAR bring WAR, and Peace, brings Peace. The same as Christ expalins, with talking how good comes from the good stored in the heart, as evil comes from evil stored from the heart. You do NOT find figs in thorns, and therefore do not find peace in war. This is what is, and the basic law of life. In orde to get peace, and peaceful approach the obtaining that peace is the only solution. America is reaching midnight, a nock at the door... will we open it? Will we respond to the calling of being the counrty that promotes peace and goodness, or will we be the country that promotes War for Peace? A lie, for a Lie? That's what War to obtain peace is. A Lie for a Lie. Peace brought forth through war is not peace. It is a mull point, were the forces of evil regrain their strenght to strike when least expecting.

The title state of the union... what is it? Lost, SUV's, and high gas. Job's going else were, while ERON CEO's say they did not know. Bush = WAR, and no true peace in sight. YHWH God, and Yeshua Christ, guide us and have mercy on us all.



Some troubling signs

Recently my wife and I have noticed some troubling signs:

(1) A Recent report released from the pentagon showed that the U.S. Army can not continue to maintain two fronts in Iraq and Afgan.
(2) Last year was one of the worst for recruitment in the U.S. Military
(3) At the end of the Year of '05 the recruitment age limit was raised from 35 to 42.
(4) The rise of Hamas, and also the bolsters from Iran
(5) A War hungry President that just seems like will continue to push us to war at every chance.

This all ='s : Draft of '06-'07.

I could be wrong but others have seen this. My wife found a biblecode matrix that said this as well on the net from Exodus2006.com. Now I Hope my wife and I are wrong, but it seems to be that the signs are pointing to a U.S. draft that would incurr backlashing never before seen.

I will say no more, other than please YHWH God and Yeshua Christ send the Holy Spirit to guide us. Coach us into doing the right things, and not following vain ego's. Please protect the poor and helpless as they are caught up in the evil ways of powerful men. Please come into out hearts and guide us. Setup your tent within us. Build a fortress of love around us. In Christ name I ask this.



Here we go - Bio-Pay

Recent news has been talking about how WalMart and others are going to start offering Bio-Pay through finger scans.

I tell you this, I have no plans of doing this. This is of course another way to get you into the door, keep you there, suck all the money from your pocket, and also TRACK YOUR EVERY BUYING MOVE.

With Finger scan, tracking down to the person can be done, and can easily target your every move. This can also have Serious privacy issues, and I believe should be allowed. Take away the fact that it just a step closer to making us all get Tagged by the Evil Verichip, and you still have the fact that such technology can and will be used for evil intent and purposes. How I can say this? Because it is human based!!! We are, and always will (until the return of the King) take technology and new things to use to our advantage, at the cost of others.

So please, before you go get scanned into Wal-Mart, think about it. Don't let a 10% discount on your first "scan" sucker you into becoming a target of Wal-Marts (and others) evil plan to control your very existance.

Think about How people have used such things in the past. Don't trust them... you will regret it, and deep now you know it.



More Biblecode data

Like I said in my previous post I did not want to add anything more about the biblecodes, until I could give reference to where this is coming from. So below is the link to the page called Exodus2006.com:

Exodus 2006

With this you can see where people are looking through the different Bible Matrices, and finding all kinds of different things. If what they are finding is true, then this year of 2006 will be the year that a law is passed that will bring in the Verichip as being required. Bush will support it, and it is the Mark.

Also in 2006 their is suppose to be a great strike against the U.S., and the following years, 2010 and 2012 marks the end of days, and the return of the King!

These prophices, can be very addictive and I must point out this. In one finding, the year 2012 shows that the comet destroys us, and that YHWH / God destorys the comet. Two possible outcomes? All I know is that I truly believe our creator gave us this, and is speaking to us in a new way. I believe it is divine from our creator, and I beleive Christ will return and evil will be no more. That being said we must watch for the signs:

(1). Verichip being ushered in as a good thing, to help protect your kids and stuff. Then it would become required to make sure your a "U.S." Citizen.
(2). Bush will push for this, and bring in a time of peace that has not been seen before. Before this peace though the dogs of war will be active more than ever before.
(3). The current Pope will die in either 2007 or 2008, and Paul II will be Pope.

Finally let me say this. There is still time to turn to Christ! He is our saviour, and through him do we enter Heaven. I trust in the Creator, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and not one single thing that exists can seperate us from the love of our Creator. The return of the King means suffering will take place, but it will only be for a little while. After that, paradise, and no more painful tears, or sin. No more sorrow or evil. Just love, and peace, a goodness!



The Biblecode and more

Last night my wife and I watched a show on the history channel talking about the Biblecode. This sparked interst back for me in this topic and we searched further.

There are now those who search through the Biblecode that are claiming saying they have found:

"Verichip is Evil", "Verichip is the Mark", "He will suffer (George Bush) for passing it", "May 23rd 2006, a Day of evil".

There are some others, but before I continue on posting these, I want to of course check the valid claims that these things and people are are saying. For me though, it does not suprise me to see that Verichip is evil, and is the mark. I already believe that!

There are some other intersting finds in the Biblecode. Another, which was ran on the show last night was about the year 2012. There are two code that have been founding talking about the year 2012. One says that a Comet will destory the earth, in the year 2012. Another states that the Comet will Be destoryed in the year 2012. So it would seem these are two possible outcomes? For those that love to read and learn, you might also find intersting that according to the Mayan Calendar, their "Long Count" ends in the year 2012. The Mayan's believed that is when they would return to paradise.

Either way, if this is true, or not, it is stil very intersting. It also brings me to a point. We have a loving creator that wants us today. Not tomorrow, or maybe next week, but today! He wants to be envolved in our lifes, and he offers us a way to him. Through his son Christ, Jesus / Yeshua. We can be saved, and enter the book of life through Christ!

May YHWH God guide us and have mercy on us all!